About Our Courses

The success of our course is measured by how rapidly a student improves. For the PSLE Math tuition course, students typically see a 2-grade improvement within 6 months or less. Our weakest student improved from a single digit mark to 42 marks after going through 5 months of coaching.

Students scoring at least 70 marks are encouraged to attend a free trial lesson to assess their potential for the Math Olympiad Training or GEP Preparation courses.

Tutify Education has maintained a PSLE Math track record of B to A* (or a minimum 2-grade improvement) within 6 months, or less.

70% of our students have won GOLD or SILVER Medals in prestigious Math Olympiad Competitions.

70% of our students have cleared Round 1 of the GEP Screening test and 45% of them subsequently went on to be offered a place in the Gifted Education Programme.

All Coaches are hand-picked by our Academic Director, Coach Leo. They have at least 3 years experience in their respective subject specialisations. Each coach uses our strong and proven Critical Thinking Skills training process to help students see rapid improvement in their math results.

Before conducting any classes, Coaches have to complete an 8-week Teachers' Training course conducted by our Academic Director, Coach Leo. Subsequently, they are expected to maintain a track record of 95% 2-grade improvement for PSLE and/or a 70% success rate for Olympiad and GEP.

Holiday programmes are conducted during the months of March, June, September and November-December. These 3- or 5-day programmes serve as introductory (Head Start), intensive revision or competition preparation bootcamps.

Due to limited capacity, students enrolled in our weekly lessons are given priority. However, members of public will be able to secure a seat should they enrol early.

The PSLE course focuses on the P4-6 school curriculum in preparation for the PSLE Maths Exam. The Math Olympiad course covers the school curriculum but, on top of that, teaches concepts and strategies outside the school syllabus which are tested in competitions for Direct School Admission.

In comparison to the PSLE course, the Math Olympiad course exposes students to more advanced variations of questions that require a higher level of critical thinking skills.

Students who are part of the Math Olympiad training course do not require additional PSLE math tuition.

Both the GEP and Math Olympiad (MO) tests students on the following skills: (a) visualisation (b) logical reasoning and (c) pattern spotting.

However, MO also requires students to master certain concepts and strategies that will be tested in MO competitions. In that way, MO is more comprehensive than the GEP. Therefore, most students who are trained in MO should already possess the skills required to excel in the General Ability component of the GEP Screening process.

At Tutify Education, we believe that 2 hours of effective learning is better than 4 hours of blind practicing. Practicing without understanding the concept and with the wrong approach does more harm than good. As such, we abide by a 'No-Homework' policy. However, students who are weak in certain topics or are capable of doing more may occassionally be instructed by Coach to attempt additional questions.

Mailing Address (Head Office):
7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987.

Classroom locations:
- Singapore Shopping Centre (Orchard)
- Marina Square (Raffles Blvd)
- Beside Thomson V Two (Upper Thomson Rd)
- West Coast Drive

Due to strict health safety measures, parents are not allowed to enter classroom premises. Visits are by appointment only.

In order to ensure that they are suitable for the course, new students are required to attend a free trial lesson before enrolment. During the trial lesson, your child will be exposed to new concepts and problem-solving strategies. Your child's performance will be monitored and a Feedback Report is generated. We will contact you to give our recommendations based on the report.

In order to ensure that each student gets the attention they need to maximise their learning, each class is limited to a maximum of 7-9 students.

Classes are conducted once weekly for a duration of 1h 45 min. Students may be given a 5-min break at the halfway mark to ensure they remain focussed during the lesson. This is especially true for younger age groups.

P4/5 students will have to win a medal in 1 or more local Math Olympiad competitions (i.e. RIPMWC, SMOPS, NMOS or Mathlympics). There are various other competitions for P1-5 students to help them gain experience and exposure in preparation for the 'real thing'.

In P6, during the DSA window in May, students will be asked to upload their Certificates of Achievement via the DSA portal (instructions provided by your school). Shortlisted students will attend an interview and/or an Admissions Test. Successful applicants will receive offers from 1 or more schools - you may accept or decline.

Schedule & Missed Class

  Start End Lessons
Term 1 2024 3 Jan 26 Mar 12
Term 2 2024 27 Mar 25 Jun 13
Term 3 2024 26 Jun 24 Sep 13
Term 4 2024 25 Sep 17 Dec 12
Term 1 2025 8 Jan 1 Apr 12
Term 2 2025 2 Apr 1 Jul 13
Term 3 2025 2 Jul 30 Sep 13
Term 4 2025 1 Oct 16 Dec 11

Due to limited capacity, we are unable to guarantee availability of slots in our weekly classes and holiday camps. To find out if slots are available on the days and time you require, kindly Contact Us for the latest information.

Click here to view upcoming competition schedules and eligibility requirements.

Classes missed may be replaced with a suitable class conducted on another day of the same academic week. Our academic week starts on Wednesdays and ends on Tuesdays.

A maximum of three (3) replacement classes is allowed per student per term - this does not include gazetted Public Holidays. Worksheets for missed classes will be provided in the case when students are unable to attend any replacement classes.

Students may login to the Genius' Portal to select a replacement class.

Lessons go on for 50 weeks of each calendar year. We are closed in the first and last week of each calendar year. Lessons will not be conducted on gazetted Public Holidays and will be replaced. Lessons carry on as per normal during School Holidays.

Round 1 of the GEP screening test usually takes place in Jul/Aug each year. Your P3 child will be tested on both the Mathematics and English components. Your child will be notified by their school in early October if they are shortlisted for the next stage of GEP identification.

Round 2 of the GEP screening test usually takes place in October each year. Candidates in this round are tested on the Mathematics, English and General Ability components. Your child will be eligible to join the Gifted Education Programme if he/she clears this round of the identification exercise.

Fees & Payment

Course fees are payable upfront for the total number of terms enrolled - see term dates in the schedule above.

Course fees will be pro-rated for new students only based on the number of lessons remaining in the current term; enrollment into the following term is required when there are 6 or less lessons remaining in the current term.

Fees vary for online and offline courses. Contact Us to learn more!

  • Fees are payable upfront for the total number of terms enrolled - see term dates in the schedule above.
  • Course fees for new enrolments will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons remaining in the current term; enrollment into the following term is required when there are 6 or less lessons remaining in the current term.
  • Registration Fee of SGD 70.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
  • Refundable Deposit of SGD 100.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
  • Where there are 6 or less lessons remaining, enrolment in the following term is required.

No. All fees are inclusive of taxes.

Here is a breakdown of all our fees:
  • Course Fees (Collected upfront for the total number of terms enrolled)
  • Registration Fees (Once-off per new enrolment)
  • Deposit (Refundable with a minumum of 30 days advanced notice of withdrawal)
Offline: Learning materials are included. We do not charge material fees.
Online: Learning materials will be sent via email 3 days before each lesson.

Bank remittance charges may apply to customers who do not have access to a Singapore bank account. These fees are to be borne by the sender. Find out more by reading about Modes of Payment.

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  • Cash and Cheque payments are not accepted.
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