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Unlock your potential and achieve success with Coach Leo, the Co-Founder and youngest member on the SEAMO committee. With 12+ years of experience as leading experts in the field, 70% of our Math Olympiad students have earned Gold and Silver medals and 95% of PSLE Math students have improved 2 grades within 6 months since 2016 with online coaching from Coach Leo and our Senior Coaches.

Mr and Mrs Chan
Parents of Jasmine Chan

Since young, Jasmine was very interested in numbers, so we signed her up for the Olympiad class. Coach Bevie trained her for 4-5 months then encouraged her to join several competitions. She won 2x Gold and 1x Silver! We could see how her morale and confidence got a huge boost. She also cleared both rounds of the GEP test!

Serena Tan
Mother of Ong Shi Ting

My girl was scoring 70-75 marks in P3 so, in P4, I enrolled her for lessons. Coach Kai exposed her to Olympiad training. In the first 5 months, she did not win competitions but her school results improved to 96 marks! Then in P5, she won a GOLD medal. We applied for DSA and she got accepted into her dream school!

Sharon Lim
Mother of Tan Xin Yi

My girl was scoring 96-100 marks for math all the way till P3. However, in P4, she dropped to 72 marks. Even with tuition, she wasn't improving. I became desperate when she said she disliked math! A friend recommended me to Tutify Education. After 3 months, she improved to AL3 then scored AL1 in the PSLE!

Succeed With Our CSI Framework

Select the best Maths enrichment class for your child and watch how our proven teaching methodology helps them achieve grade improvements in a few months like 95% of our students.

Most effective methodology for PSLE Mathematics
MOE places strong emphasis on critical thinking in math problem solving

Critical Thinking

Rote learning (drilling) and memorisation is no longer effective in ensuring students achieve a Gold or Silver award in Math Olympiad. In fact, examiners have been creating ‘unique’ problems that cannot be found in any 10-year series or Math Olympiad training books. At our PSLE Math tuition classes, we develop our students' logical reasoning, pattern spotting and visualisation skills. So when students encounter unfamiliar questions, they are confident in solving them.

Tutify Education 18 Effective Strategies and Tools

Strategies and Tools

Throughout the course of their tuition programme, our students will be equipped with our 18 Effective Strategies and Tools to solve problems with speed and accuracy. They will then apply these strategies and tools to resolve 90% of all questions in their PSLE Math examination as well as Maths Olympiads competitions.

student presenting her solutions to a mathematics problem


Enrichment can only do so much if the student is not self-motivated. This is why we adopt an independent learning approach at our at our Primary Math tuition in Singapore, where students can take ownership of their learning. We create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where students get the opportunity to participate and take risks. Students are also given a platform to articulate their answers. This makes learning more fun and exciting. On top of that, what is taught is easily integrated as students are constantly applying what is taught.

Why Parents Say We Provide the Best Maths Enrichment Classes in Singapore

Strong and Proven Track Record

Under the guidance of our Direct School Admission (DSA) Maths Specialist, Coach Leo, unlock your child’s potential and provide them with the support they need to achieve success. With over 15 years of experience, Coach Leo’s Maths enrichment classes will equip students with the skills to excel in their exams and competitive annual competitions.

Structured and Effective Curriculum

Following a carefully curated curriculum developed through years of experience and research, have our team of skilled coaches nurture in your child the strategies and problem-solving skills to excel in Maths. Providing access to our line-up of 18 Effective Strategies and Tools, they will be able to resolve 90% of all questions in their PSLE and Maths Olympiad competitions.

Experienced and Skilled Maths Trainers

Our team of trainers is hand-picked by Coach Leo and are specialists in the field of Mathematics. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver our Maths enrichment curriculum in the most effective and engaging way possible. Mathematics is commonly deemed as one of the most challenging subjects that students have to take on during their academic journey, regardless of their education level in the Singaporean education system. With a Mathematics curriculum that has an overarching goal of ensuring that all students achieve mastery in the subject matter, students will not only have to acquire the relevant skills and Mathematical knowledge but also develop the necessary cognitive and metacognitive skills for proper problem-solving. As such, it is clear to see that this essential subject does not only aim to impart practical knowledge about the various Maths concepts and operations but also nurture in students an analytical mind and other useful lifelong skills.

Math Enrichment Classes for Your Child

Each of our Maths enrichment classes is designed to be age-appropriate and cover topics and concepts for Primary School levels including the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). From challenging Holiday Boot Camps that give students a headstart in school to advanced preparation classes accompanied by intensive training, we provide various Maths enrichment classes that cater to the unique needs of students.

Primary Math Boot Camps

Designed for students in Primary 4 to 6, our Primary Math Boot Camps aim to help students attain mastery in the shortest time so that they can stay ahead of the game in school. Tapping into the various golden opportunities available throughout the academic year, our Boot Camps guide students to learn Maths the right way before the start of the new academic year, mid-year or right before their final exams.

Olympiad & GEP Preparation Boot Camps

Focusing on important Maths Olympiad concepts and skills necessary to qualify for the GEP, these Maths enrichment classes, suitable for students from ages 7 to 12, will help unleash their Maths talent. Providing students an opportunity to stretch themselves and compete in the toughest competitions and programmes in Singapore, we teach them essential concepts, strategies and competition techniques like in our GEP Preparation Class and Math Olympiad Training.

How Tutify Can Help Your Child Excel in Maths

Going beyond the curriculum, our Maths enrichment classes aim to nurture holistic learners and develop students’ interest and knowledge in Mathematics. Focusing on differentiated learning, we aim to enhance the complete understanding of Maths concepts and students’ aptitude while catering to their individual learning needs and abilities.

Put Your Child on the Road to Success

For many students in Singapore, conquering and overcoming the challenges they face during their Maths lessons can be overwhelming, and at times demoralising. Our Maths enrichment classes are designed to speed up the process of developing critical thinking skills and build a strong conceptual foundation so that they can solve problems with speed and accuracy. Throughout our classes, we employ the most effective tools and strategies to help your child see grade improvements and secure A’s in their exams.

Here’s how Tutify supports rapid improvements in our student’s Maths results and skills:
  • Build a Strong Foundation in Maths
  • Curate Individualised Learning Programmes
  • Develop Logical Reasoning, Pattern Spotting and Visualisation Skills
  • Utilise a Stream of Effective Strategies and Tools
Acquiring a strong understanding of the core Mathematics concepts also opens doors for your child in terms of educational and career opportunities later in their lives. But spotting these relatively invisible doors of opportunities surrounding them requires the identification of golden windows of learning while simultaneously building a strong foundation in Mathematics during their Primary School years.

Cultivate your child’s natural problem-solving skills and nurture these innate competencies into Mathematical prowess with our line-up of Maths enrichment classes in Singapore. Take the first step and see your child achieve a 2-grade improvement or more within 6 months!

Our Philosophy

At Tutify, we take pride in being one of the leading providers of specially curated Maths enrichment programmes in Singapore. Our list of Maths enrichment classes follows a strong and proven teaching approach that has helped students achieve internationally acclaimed awards and attain top marks in major examinations. Our exclusive line-up of Maths enrichment classes has also been crafted not only to align with the Ministry of Education’s latest syllabus but also with our proprietary teaching framework that equips students with the skills and strategies to qualify for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and Maths Olympiad Competitions.

Instead of relying on the typical rote learning and memorisation techniques, our Maths enrichment classes incorporate our CSI Framework — Critical Thinking, Strategies & Tools, and Independence — to develop positive attitudes toward Maths. Through this holistic approach and targeted curriculum, your child will be able to develop concept mastery and heuristics to achieve high scores in their core examinations and qualify for competitive programmes and competitions.