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Hi, I am Coach Leo. Most parents know me as the Math Olympiad Training and PSLE Maths Tuition Specialist. Over the course of 15 years, I have trained hundreds of students in PSLE and Olympiad math. Many of them went on to be shortlisted for Direct School Admission (DSA) into top schools such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, NUS High, Nanyang Girls, ACS(I) and more.

  • I am the Academic Director at Tutify Education and work very closely with our coaches in curriculum design and teaching methodology. All our coaches are hand-picked and trained by me to deliver our curriculum in the most engaging and effective way. Our senior coaches and myself constantly revise weekly learning materials to improve quality and relevance, which directly benefits the students. I closely monitor the progress of the cohort to provide timely guidance and support to students who may be facing challenges in their learning journey.
  • Since 2016, our team of coaches have helped 95% of our PSLE students improve 2 grades within 6 months and attain an AL1 (A*). 70% of our Math Olympiad Training Singapore students have been attaining GOLD and SILVER achievements for local and international competitions, even if they were scoring Cs and Ds in the past. This is why parents say we are the best math tuition centre in Singapore.
  • I am also the Co-Founder and youngest sitting member in the organising committee of the Southeast Asian Math Olympiad (SEAMO) competition. SEAMO is a unique assessment platform that has helped students gain global recognition in the field of mathematics since 2016. More than 20,000 students take part in the competition every year.

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How We Can Help Your Child

With a strong and proven teaching methodology in our PSLE Maths Tuition course, we have helped 95% of our students improve 2 grades within 6 months or less, even if they were scoring Cs and Ds in the past.

PSLE A* Math Tuition

Improve 2-grades within 6 months through our proven Critical Thinking process.
Our Maths tuition programme is specifically designed to prepare students for non-routine questions that cannot be found in standard assessment books and revision materials. By developing students' logical reasoning and creative thinking skills at our Maths tuition centre and equipping them with simple Maths problem-solving strategies, our programme enables students to solve problems with speed and accuracy. With a track record of consistently achieving 2 grade improvements within 6 months or less, our programme is highly effective in guiding students toward academic success. Our experienced and knowledgeable Maths specialists will also work closely with each student, providing individualised support and feedback to help them reach their full potential in Maths. Start helping your child build up strong foundations and develop critical thinking skills now!
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Math Olympiad Training

Train to become a gold medalist and win awards to enter top schools via DSA with Tutify's Math Competition Training!
Our comprehensive curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with the latest competition trends and strategies. Our proven teaching methodology — the CSI Framework — at our tuition centre helps students master core Mathematical concepts and techniques to attain high distinctions in prestigious Maths competitions. With a focus on building a strong conceptual foundation and equipping students with effective strategies and tools, our approach places emphasis on developing critical thinking skills to solve problems with speed and accuracy.

Join our Maths Olympiad training programme for the best chance at success in Math competitions just like the 70% of our students who have won GOLD or SILVER Medals.
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GEP Preparation (Maths)

Our GEP Preparation Programme is an intensive maths training course that helps students develop the skills required for GEP.
Taught by professional Math Olympiad Trainers at our centre, our tuition programme has a proven track record of success, with a high percentage of students qualifying for the Gifted Programme. Our course focuses on developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, ultimately helping students excel in Maths. In addition to preparing students for the competitive GEP Screening test, our GEP preparation programmes also help students develop a love for Mathematics and a lifelong passion for learning and problem-solving. Through the training and practice provided by our programme, students will gain the skills and confidence needed to tackle challenging Maths problems in the GEP Screening test and excel in their academic and personal pursuits.
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Math Enrichment

Our Maths Enrichment programme is designed to offer advanced Mathematical instruction to students seeking to enhance their skills and understanding.
Our educational materials and teaching techniques are designed to challenge and broaden students' understanding of Mathematical concepts. By fostering a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, we aim to cultivate and expand students' natural interest in and aptitude for Maths, encouraging them to think and problem-solve like true Mathematical thinkers. In addition to personalised instruction, we also offer Holiday Camps that allow students to reinforce and practise their mathematical abilities in a fun and engaging environment while also fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among students.

Help your child to excel in mathematics with our robust curriculum and proven teaching approach.
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Online Maths Tuition

Our online Maths tuition programme in Singapore is designed to meet the needs of students and offer a convenient, effective learning experience.
The programme includes interactive and engaging lessons, providing students with opportunities to actively engage with the material and build a strong understanding of the core Mathematical concepts tested in their syllabus. With the support of experienced tutors and a focus on personalised instruction, this programme is an ideal choice for students looking to improve their Mathematical skills and achieve their educational goals in a convenient and effective way. Reserve a seat in our complimentary trial lesson and allow us to assist your child in achieving their academic goals online.
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What Proud Parents
Say About Us

70% of our students have been attaining GOLD and SILVER achievements for local and international MO competitions. 95% of them have improved from B to A* in the PSLE Math Exam. Many went on to be shortlisted for DSA into top schools such as Raffles Institution, NUS High, ACS(I) and more.

Sharon Lim's math olympiad training review for Tutify Education
Sharon Lim
Mother of Tan Xin Yi

My girl was scoring 96-100 marks for math all the way till P3. However, in P4, she dropped to 72 marks. Even with tuition, she wasn't improving. I became desperate when she said she disliked math! A friend recommended me to Tutify Education. After 3 months, she improved to AL3 then scored AL1 in the PSLE!

Mr Goh's review for the best maths enrichment in Singapore - Tutify Education
Mr and Mrs Goh
Parents of Javier and Jasper Goh

J and J were never the type who liked maths. However, after the trial lesson, they came back talking about maths and seemed so excited. They continued with Tutify and in the 1st 3 months, they improved from 50+ to 60+ marks. By the end of the year, they were scoring 80+ marks. This is truly a blessing!

Mr Lim's review for the best math tuition in Singapore - Tutify Education
Mr and Mrs Lim
Parents of Lim Wei Sheng

WS is very ambitious and wants to excel in all subjects. However, he always struggled to get more than 80 marks for maths. So we told Coach Leo that we wanted him to score more than 95 marks. After 3 months, it came true! But not only that, WS took part in the competition and won a GOLD! Thank you coach!

Serena Tan's review for math olympiad training in Singapore - Tutify Education
Serena Tan
Mother of Ong Shi Ting

My girl was scoring 70-75 marks in P3 so, in P4, I enrolled her for lessons. Coach Kai exposed her to Olympiad training. In the first 5 months, she did not win competitions but her school results improved to 96 marks! Then in P5, she won a GOLD medal. We applied for DSA and she got accepted into her dream school!

Steven Wong's review for the best math tuition centre at Tutify Education
Steven Wong
Father of Gabriel Wong

I never expected much - just a B/C will do. When Coach Julie first assessed my son (Gabriel), it was already the crucial year (P6) but he still agreed to help even though Gab was failing. By the time it was mid-year, Gab scored 58 then for prelims, 72 marks. When I saw the 'A' in his PSLE results, I was so proud of my son!

Mr Chan's maths olympiad training review for Tutify Education
Mr and Mrs Chan
Parents of Jasmine Chan

Since young, Jasmine was very interested in numbers, so we signed her up for the Olympiad class. Coach Bevie trained her for 4-5 months then encouraged her to join several competitions. She won 2x Gold and 1x Silver! We could see how her morale and confidence got a huge boost. She also cleared both rounds of the GEP test!