MO & GEP Preparation Programme

E very child has the potential to be gifted. Unleash his/her talent via the Math Olympiad Training and GEP Preparation Course! The main objective of this training programme is to allow students to discover their potential in mathematics. Students will be exposed to math problems that tests their logical reasoning, pattern spotting and visualisation skills. This allows them to further develop their Critical Thinking abilities, especially at a young age, to be able to solve non-routine math problems that will appear in the Math Olympiad competition and the GEP Screening Test.

Since 2016, 70% of our students have cleared Round 1 of the test and 45% of them subsequently went on to be offered a place in the Gifted Programme. Parents may opt to accept or reject the offer, depending on whether or not they feel the GEP is suitable for their child. Most of our talented young mathematicians have also won medals in multiple local and international Math Olympiad Competitions.

As professional Math Olympiad (MO) Trainers, we employ effective MO training techniques to speed up the process of developing Critical Thinking Skills in our Math Enrichment Singapore students. These techniques focus on building a strong conceptual foundation. Then, students are equipped with effective strategies and tools, which enables them to solve problems with speed and accuracy. By the end of the course, students will be adept at spotting patterns and thinking outside the box to solve challenging math problems. Many of our GEP students have also went on to Win Medals in prestigious MO competitions (this can be used in your child's DSA application).

Throughout the course, we employ the most effective Math Olympiad training techniques to help your child see rapid improvement in their math results to maximise their chances of qualifying for the GEP.

Why Parents Say we provide the Best Math Enrichment in Singapore

Strong and Proven Track Record
Coach Leo is the Co-Founder and youngest sitting member in the organising committee of the Southeast Asian Math Olympiad (SEAMO) competition that sees an annual participation of 20,000 candidates. With over 8 years of experience as the top in his field, he has developed a strong and effective critical thinking training approach that equips students with the skills they need to excel in the competition. Since 2016, 70% of our Math Olympiad (MO) and GEP students have been attaining GOLD and SILVER achievements for local and international competitions and securing their seats in top schools and were offered places in the GEP Programme.

Structured and Effective Curriculum
Through his years of experience and extensive research, Coach Leo has developed a robust curriculum geared towards helping students master concepts and strategies required to maximise their performance in Math Olympiad competitions and the GEP Screening Test. He works very closely with our senior coaches in curriculum design and teaching methodology to keep up with the latest GEP question trends. The MO & GEP Preparation course is comprehensive and engaging. Tutify's students gain competence and confidence in a progressive manner with mathematical problem-solving for enrichment and competition purposes.

Specialised Maths Olympiad and GEP Trainers
Our Coaches are specialists in the field of mathematics and hand-picked by Coach Leo to undergo an intensive 'Train-the-Trainer' Course, where they are equipped with the most effective coaching techniques to deliver our Math Enrichment Singapore curriculum in the most engaging and effective way. Our senior coaches constantly update weekly learning materials to improve quality and relevance, which directly benefits the students. They closely monitor students' progress to provide timely guidance and support to students who may be facing challenges in their learning journey.

Sharon Lim
Mother of Tan Xin Yi

My girl was scoring 96-100 marks for math all the way till P3. However, in P4, she dropped to 72 marks. Even with tuition, she wasn't improving. I became desperate when she said she disliked math! A friend recommended me to Tutify Education. After 3 months, she improved to AL3 then scored AL1 in the PSLE!

Mr and Mrs Goh
Parents of Javier and Jasper Goh

J and J were never the type who liked maths. However, after the trial lesson, they came back talking about maths and seemed so excited. They continued with Tutify and in the 1st 3 months, they improved from 50+ to 60+ marks. By the end of the year, they were scoring 80+ marks. This is truly a blessing!

Mr and Mrs Lim
Parents of Lim Wei Sheng

WS is very ambitious and wants to excel in all subjects. However, he always struggled to get more than 80 marks for maths. So we told Coach Leo that we wanted him to score more than 95 marks. After 3 months, it came true! But not only that, WS took part in the competition and won a GOLD! Thank you coach!

Serena Tan
Mother of Ong Shi Ting

My girl was scoring 70-75 marks in P3 so, in P4, I enrolled her for lessons. Coach Kai exposed her to Olympiad training. In the first 5 months, she did not win competitions but her school results improved to 96 marks! Then in P5, she won a GOLD medal. We applied for DSA and she got accepted into her dream school!

Steven Wong
Father of Gabriel Wong

I never expected much - just a B/C will do. When Coach Julie first assessed my son (Gabriel), it was already the crucial year (P6) but he still agreed to help even though Gab was failing. By the time it was mid-year, Gab scored 58 then for prelims, 72 marks. When I saw the 'A' in his PSLE results, I was so proud of my son!

Mr and Mrs Chan
Parents of Jasmine Chan

Since young, Jasmine was very interested in numbers, so we signed her up for the Olympiad class. Coach Bevie trained her for 4-5 months then encouraged her to join several competitions. She won 2x Gold and 1x Silver! We could see how her morale and confidence got a huge boost. She also cleared both rounds of the GEP test!


Offline (Face-to-Face) Online via Zoom
- Singapore Shopping Centre (Orchard)
- Marina Square (Raffles Blvd)
- Beside Thomson V Two (Upper Thomson Rd)

Worksheets will be provided in class.
Joining the Class
Worksheets sent via email 3 days before.
Zoom meeting room credentials provided.

  • Fees are collected on a term basis.
  • Each term consists of 12 or 13 weekly lessons.
  • Course fees will be pro-rated based on commencement date.
  • Registration Fee of SGD 70.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
  • Refundable Deposit of SGD 100.00 is applicable per new enrolment.
  • Where there are 6 or less lessons remaining, enrolment in the following term is required.

What You Will Learn

The following are modules covered in the MO & GEP Preparation Course:

Baseline review of your child’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. Our online diagnostics test accurately measures the mathematical aptitude of each student and allows us to make suitable recommendations and set progressive milestones for your child’s improvement.

This course is taught progressively from the beginner to advanced levels so as to ensure that students are able to fully understand each topic and skillset in the curriculum. Notes and explanations are presented clearly and will be provided for your child’s practice and application.

The GEP and Maths Olympiad have a lot in common. After mastering these MO techniques, your child will be able to attempt at least 70% of GEP Screening questions and easily clear Round 1 of the entrance test.

Contrary to the step by step approach you learn in school, the key to solving high order thinking questions is to simplify the problem. Learn to use the elegant, hassle-free approach for effective problem-solving with speed and accuracy!

It isn’t what you don’t know but what you know that isn’t true that gets you. Even the simplest of topics can become a nightmare when problems are twisted to intentionally trap the candidate. Learn how to achieve deep conceptual understanding in order to overcome such pitfalls.

Learn how weak / average students can increase their visualisation, logical reasoning and pattern spotting skills to the same level as Math Olympiad Gold medalists. These skills are not only applicable to math but to other subjects as well.

How to study smart when it comes to math? The top 1% of Math Olympiad medalists use these revision / practice techniques to save hundreds of hours in preparation for competitions and exams. That is why they don’t only do well in Math but in other subjects as well.

Whether for the GEP Screening Test or in MO Competitions, candidates must perform to the best of their ability amidst stressful exam conditions. After training hundreds of Gifted students and MO medal winners, we have developed the best way to train candidates to be more focussed and less nervous in the exam.