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Most effective methodology for PSLE Mathematics
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Did you know? Since 2016, the MOE has been inserting Math Olympiad (MO)-type questions into the PSLE exam.
Most effective methodology for PSLE Mathematics
This is to test students' Critical Thinking Skills and separate the AL1 students from the AL3/4 students.
Many students who are not familiar with Math Olympiad (MO) questions, stumble and get stuck as they have not encountered these MO-type questions before.

This is why we developed our MO-Infused PSLE training sessions in our Math tuition programmes..

We make MO simple to understand and give students the right tools and strategies to develop their logical reasoning and creative thinking.

And this is why many of our students can solve these ‘difficult’ questions with speed and accuracy.

With 12+ years of experience as leading experts in the field, we have helped 95% of our PSLE Math students improve 2 grades in their math exams within 6 months or less.

Sharon Lim
Mother of Tan Xin Yi

My girl was scoring 96-100 marks for math all the way till P3. However, in P4, she dropped to 72 marks. Even with tuition, she wasn't improving. I became desperate when she said she disliked math! A friend recommended me to Tutify Education. After 3 months, she improved to AL3 then scored AL1 in the PSLE!

Mr and Mrs Goh
Parents of Javier and Jasper Goh

J and J were never the type who liked maths. However, after the trial lesson, they came back talking about maths and seemed so excited. They continued with Tutify and in the 1st 3 months, they improved from 50+ to 60+ marks. By the end of the year, they were scoring 80+ marks. This is truly a blessing!

Steven Wong
Father of Gabriel Wong

I never expected much - just a B/C will do. When Coach Julie first assessed my son (Gabriel), it was already the crucial year (P6) but he still agreed to help even though Gab was Failing. By the MYE, Gab scored 58 then scored 72 marks for prelims. When I saw the 'A' in his PSLE results, I was so proud of my son!

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Succeed With Our CSI Framework

Tutify's strong and proven teaching methodology has helped 95% of our students achieve a 2-grade improvement within 6 months or less.

Most effective methodology for PSLE Mathematics
MOE places strong emphasis on critical thinking in math problem solving

Critical Thinking

Rote learning (drilling) and memorisation is no longer effective in ensuring students achieve a Gold or Silver award in Math Olympiad. In fact, examiners have been creating ‘unique’ problems that cannot be found in any 10-year series or Math Olympiad training books. At our PSLE Math tuition classes, we develop our students' logical reasoning, pattern spotting and visualisation skills. So when students encounter unfamiliar questions, they are confident in solving them.

Tutify Education 18 Effective Strategies and Tools

Strategies and Tools

Throughout the course of their tuition programme, our students will be equipped with our 18 Effective Strategies and Tools to solve problems with speed and accuracy. They will then apply these strategies and tools to resolve 90% of all questions in their PSLE Math examination as well as Maths Olympiads competitions.

student presenting her solutions to a mathematics problem


Enrichment can only do so much if the student is not self-motivated. This is why we adopt an independent learning approach at our at our Primary Math tuition in Singapore, where students can take ownership of their learning. We create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where students get the opportunity to participate and take risks. Students are also given a platform to articulate their answers. This makes learning more fun and exciting. On top of that, what is taught is easily integrated as students are constantly applying what is taught.

Why Parents Say We Provide the Best PSLE Math Tuition in Singapore

Strong and Proven Track Record

Unlock your potential and achieve success with Coach Leo, the Co-Founder and youngest member on the SEAMO committee. With 12+ years of experience as leading experts in the field, Coach Leo and our team of Senior Coaches has helped 95% of our PSLE Math students improve 2 grades in their math exams within 6 months since 2016.

Structured and Effective Curriculum

Achieve success in PSLE Mathematics with Coach Leo's carefully designed curriculum and mentorship. He develops and constantly updates a comprehensive and engaging training program through his years of experience and research. Working closely with Senior Coaches, Coach Leo stays on top of competition trends to give students the concepts, strategies and problem-solving skills necessary to excel. With Tutify, students progress with confidence and competence to secure an AL1 in the PSLE Math Exam.

Specialised PSLE Maths Trainers

Get ahead in math with our hand-picked, expert coaches trained by Coach Leo in the most effective teaching techniques. Our senior coaches continuously improve the quality and relevance of weekly materials for optimal student benefits, and closely monitor students' progress to provide personalised guidance and support for each student's success. Personal report cards are given to each student so that both parents and child know their weak spots and what topics to focus on when revising.

Join our PSLE tuition in Singapore and see the difference our expert coaching can make in your child’s Math journey!

How to prepare for the PSLE Math exam?

The PSLE Math exam might look daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you prepare for it in the right way. Here are some tips that might help your child with exam preparation:

  • The first step to successful preparation is understanding your child's current proficiency level. With this information, you will be better equipped to determine the type of help they need and how much effort they must put in to reach their goals.
  • If your child is struggling with Math, it can be difficult to know where to start in order to help them. The key is to focus on specific areas and make sure that any practice they are doing is tailored exactly to their needs.
  • Practising Math concepts on a regular basis will help your child develop the skills they need to master it. Start by breaking down practice into manageable chunks, and establish a daily routine with clear goals and expectations. With consistent practice, your child will become more comfortable with numbers and learn how to problem-solve quickly and accurately.
  • Time management is a critical skill that can help your child ace the PSLE Math exam. To give your kid the best shot at success, you need to teach them how to manage their time effectively during revision.
If you are looking for a reliable way to prepare your child for your PSLE exam while covering all the points listed above, enrol them in our primary Math tuition in Singapore and our experienced team of tutors will guide them on the path to success.

Understanding MOE's 20th Century Core Competencies

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has identified critical and inventive thinking to be 20th century core competencies that are essential for students to be successful in their careers.

Critical and inventive thinking tests a student's ability to reason logically as well as come up with creative ideas or solutions. It is about making connections between different ideas, perspectives, and facts to come up with innovative and unique solutions. These skills will be invaluable for students as they will develop a broader understanding of the world and gain an edge in the ever-changing job market.

In order to equip students with the necessary critical thinking skills, MOE has been including tough and non-routine questions in the PSLE exam since 2016. These questions test students on their ability to make connections between different patterns and topics which are also covered in our Math tuition classes.

Uncovering Hidden Gaps In Your Child's Foundation

Parents should take time to identify gaps in their child's foundational knowledge of PSLE Math before it becomes a more serious problem. Doing this early on will ensure that your child has the best possible start for future success.

Memorisation alone cannot help students gain in-depth knowledge and skills needed to do well in exams. Students need to develop a thorough understanding of the topics by reading notes, discussing their doubts with teachers, attending extra classes and performing practice assessments. This allows them to identify weaknesses and focus on improving them.

Taking practice tests is also a good way to prepare for exams, but the test questions should be of similar difficulty as those used in the exam. Engaging in mock exams or past-year papers from other schools gives students an idea about what to expect, rather than providing the exact answer.

For your child to score AL1 (A*), he / she needs a customised learning plan tailored to his strengths and weaknesses. If he / she finds a particular topic particularly challenging, it is important to identify any gaps in his / her knowledge and focus on filling them before moving on to the next lesson. With a tailored learning plan, your child can learn difficult concepts more effectively and make the most of his / her studying time. This will help him / her to reach his / her full potential and get the results he / she desires.

Through our PSLE classes at our Math tuition centre, we help students bridge the gaps and overcome their weaknesses by creating a customised curriculum tailored to their individual needs. This curriculum guides them through the development of their foundations in an orderly and progressive manner. We also make sure that concepts are clarified and understood before any practice is initiated, so that students can perform confidently when given unfamiliar problems or questions.

Problem-Solving Strategies and Tools

Students need more than just critical thinking skills to succeed in exams. They also need the right tools to help them solve problems quickly and efficiently. That's why at our PSLE Math tuition, we have developed simple problem-solving strategies that students can use to solve their questions quickly and easily. These strategies are designed to help students simplify their approach, reducing the risk of making careless mistakes. With these strategies, students can save time on tests and be better prepared for success.

How to score well in the PSLE Math exam?

To score well in the PSLE Math exam, it is important for students to have a good understanding of the basic Math concepts, as this will give them the necessary foundation to tackle more complex problems. With this knowledge base, critical thinking skills can be developed, which will help your child break down challenging questions into manageable parts. Furthermore, equipping students with advanced strategies and tools to solve questions faster, easier and more accurately can make a huge difference in helping them to achieve an A* for their PSLE Math exam.

With the right guidance and support at Tutify Education, your child can reach their full potential and excel in their PSLE Math exam. Alongside providing classes for PSLE Math, we also offer specialised tuition classes for Math Olympiad Training and GEP Preparation Class. Our experienced team of tutors will help your child reach their fullest potential in Math.

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